Curriculum Vitae

James W. H. Howard
Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow
Georgia Institute of Technology



PhD, English Literature
Emory University, 2016

BA, English
University of Tennessee at Knoxville, 2008



“Crises of Recognition: Chivalric Disguise and the Social Individual in Le Morte Darthur and The Faerie Queene

Chair: James Morey


Conference Panels


“Gaming the Medieval: Medievalism in Modern Board Game Culture.” International Medieval Congress, 2015.

“Disguise and Incognito, 1000-1500.” International Congress on Medieval Studies, 2015.

“Time: Medieval, Early Modern.” South Atlantic Modern Language Association, 2013.


“Code-Meshing in the Writing Center, or How Language Comes Up in a Session.” Georgia Tutor Symposium, 2015.

“Code-Meshing in Consultation: Are We Really Supporting Linguistic Diversity in our Southern Centers?” Southeastern Writing Center Association, 2015.

“Reclaiming Our Domain: Digital Literacies and Composition.” Student Success in Writing Conference, 2014.


“Chaucer and Malory Miscellany.” Southeastern Medieval Assocation, 2014.


Conference Papers

“Enchanted Board: Gender and Submerged Narratives in Arthurian Play.” International Medieval Congress, 2015.

“A Game for Two: Disguise and Friendship in Sir Thomas Malory’s ‘Tale of Sir Tristram.’ ” International Congress on Medieval Studies, 2015.

“Figuring out the Son’s Dede: Julian of Norwich and the Theology of Pun.” International Congress on Medieval Studies, 2014.

“Romances and Times Between: Conceptualizing Then and Now in Malory and Spenser.” South Atlantic Modern Language Association, 2013.

“Unblooded Among the Bloody: Aaron, Humoral Discourse, and Geography in Titus Andronicus.” South Atlantic Modern Language Association, 2013.

“The Narrator in the Classroom: Lesson Plans and Roleplaying Preparation.” Graduate English Advisory Committee Teach-In, Emory University, 2013.

“Poetics and Mystics: Having Some Pun in Julian of Norwich.” Graduate Colloquy, Emory University, 2012.

The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnell as Querelle des Femmes: A Response from Popular Romance.” Southeastern Medieval Association, 2011.

“The First Quest: Guides Structuring the Quest Narrative in ‘The Tale of Sir Gareth.’ ” Medieval Association of the Midwest, 2010.


Teaching Experience

Fall 2015 Taking Board Games Seriously

An introductory composition course. The course teaches students communication in written, oral, visual, electronic, and nonverbal modes. Projects culminate in the design of a boardgame with a purpose and audience defined by the student.

Spring 2013 Poetry

A survey course on poetry and a requirement for all English majors. The class is designed to teach methods of reading and approaching poetry. The project involves the preparation of a miniature poetry anthology with a critical introduction.

Spring 2011 Magical Writing

An introductory course on composition about literature, focusing on magical motifs in literature ranging from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight to modern fairy tales.

Fall 2010 New Media and Public Discourse

An introductory course on composition, teaching the forms and genres of public writing enabled by new media.



Awards and Fellowships

Graduate Tutor of the Year, Southeastern Writing Center Association, 2015.
Tom Waldrep Scholarship, Southeastern Writing Center Association, 2015.
Assistant Director, Emory Writing Center 2014-2015.
Emory Writing Center Fellowship, 2013-2014.

  • Tutor undergraduate and graduate students in writing.
  • Administer a variety of programs.
  • Develop digital spaces for outreach and collaboration.
  • Create resources for multilingual and multimodal writing assignments.

Emory Graduate Fellowship, 2008-2013.



Committee Member, First Year Composition Assessment, Writing Program, 2014.

  • Discussed assessment measures in collaboration with faculty and staff.
  • Produced early drafts of assessment standards.
  • Paired reading with explanations of key assessment concepts

Graduate Assistant, British Studies Program, Regent’s Park College, Oxford, UK, 2012.

  • Organized student outings to Oxford, Winchester, London, and Kingston-upon-Thames.
  • Maintained an itemized budget through careful records and judicious applications of
  • Coordinated formal dinners and lectures while meeting the needs of both guests and staff.
  • Met with students and professors in the dual roles of problem solver and informal advisor.

Presider, GEAC Colloquium, 2011.

  • Selected and organized graduate student speakers for the colloquium.
  • Introduced the speakers and fostered discussion among professors, graduate student peers, and prospective graduate students.

Editor, Spenser Review, 2010-2012.

  • Solicited and received submissions of reviews, abstracts, and lectures.
  • Edited submissions for publication.
  • Organized volunteers for copy editing.
  • Published electronic versions of submissions using Adobe InDesign.

Judge, SIRE-sponsored Research Symposia, 2010-2014.

  • Appraised undergraduate student research across the arts, humanities, and sciences.
  • Discussed research interests and methodologies with undergraduates preparing for careers in academia and research.

Member, Medieval and Early Modern Colloquium, 2010-2015.

  • Organize readings and talks for the group.

Member, Wendy Belcher Article Writing Group, 2010.

  • Guided a twelve week article writing program.

Two-Year Member, Graduate English Advisory Committee, 2009-2011.

  • Advised the Director of Graduate Studies and the faculty on issues important to graduate students and the department.
  • Organized events, including an annual colloquium, student mentorships, and the department Works in Progress series.
  • Encouraged the foundation of student groups, a writing workshop, and similar opportunities for scholastic engagement.


Latin, Old English, Middle English, French